Los hechos ocurrieron en Recoleta en un contexto de drogas y alcohol. [...]

La sicóloga clínica Pamela Núñez, autora de la trilogía "Tu cabeza te engaña", entregó consejos en Una Nueva Mañana. [...]

Saludo de Fin de Año – Ingles


Dear Hospitable Community, a stop along the way...

At the request of this Directorate and its Management Team, we send a warm Christmas greeting to all the Professionals and staff that accompanied us in 2017 and we hope that together we will contribute in 2018 to establish solid foundations for a recognized Institute of Psychiatry and Mental Health as a contribution In his field. In the same way, we greet our network partners and national and international contacts in the coming year.

We invite you to be leaders in innovation and excellence in the provision of clinical services, teaching and research in psychiatry and mental health, providing a humanized and dignified care, focused on family and community people. We invite you to grow and be creative in conjunction with the networks of Psychiatry and Mental Health.

An affectionate greeting

Dr. Juan Maas Vivanco, Director;

Dra. Lilian San Román, Subdirectora Médica;

Ing. Angélica Díaz, Subdirectora Administrativa;

AP. Paola Parra, Subdirectora (S) Gestión y Desarrollo de las Personas;

Dra. Jeanette Casanueva, Jefe Unidad de Desarrollo Institucional y Control de Gestión;

EU. Gladys Corral, Jefa Unidad de Gestión del Cuidado y Gestión de Camas.




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